The Bridge Gallery

The Bridge Gallery is run by Carlie-Rose Bush -  Curator and her husband Ben Bush  - Award - winning resident Photographer. As well as their three dogs Floyd, Red and Luna - Resident Models and Marketing Coordinators.


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Carlie-Rose is a conceptual artist and has exhibited Video and Installation across the UK. Her work explores ideas of the home -  connection, belonging and finding meaning and mythology in the everyday.  

Carlie-Rose holds a PGC and first class honours in Fine Art and has has curatorial experience in contemporary and commercial galleries. 


Ben Bush

Ben Bush is a professional Landscape and award- winning Photographer and runs local and international photography workshop tours.  Ben is interested in star filled landscapes and exhibits his work world wide.

Our resident dogs have plenty of marketing experience including Floyd featuring on national news and a film aired at the National Maritime Museum.


Our Artists

All of the Artists and Artisans featuring in The Bridge Gallery Collection are friends and family - predominantly Cumbrian Based. Knowing the Bridge Gallery Artists well means Carlie-Rose and Ben can represent them and their art with enthusiasm and a good understanding of their Practice. All of the pieces are handpicked and curated by Carlie-Rose , most of which are one of a kind, limited pieces . Whether through subject matter, process or materials; all the work honours the outdoor environment and wildlife.