Anne Waggot Knott is a Scottish artist and geographer based in the borderlands.

Anne's work draws powerful inspiration from our wild landscapes, journeys and human touchpoints with the environment. Place, space, rurality and identity are recurring themes. The Bridge Gallery holds a collection of Anne's mounted and framed lino prints and mixed media pieces. Each piece is hand printed and brandished by Anne using her Grandma's antique silver spoon as a brayer.

Ben Bush

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Ben is a professional Landscape and award- winning Photographer and runs local and international photography workshop tours. 

Catriona Archibald

Catriona Archibald has been making functional ceramics from her home studio in Carlisle. Using slip cast Porcelain and hand building techniques to create a range of gifts, home wares and jewellery. Catriona’s ranges are inspired by Mid Century design and fabric patterns, she explores mark making techniques and pattern within her work. Playing with texture and colour, using brightly coloured glazed sections to contrast with monochrome matt areas of porcelain and layering multiple textures and materials to create depth and interest.

Chalk Wovens

Chalk Wovens - A small company run by our Aunt Kerry and Uncle Richard. 

Chalk Woven designs are created in Kerry and Richard's studio based in vibrant and fashionable Brighton. With the Yarn made in Yorkshire, the handwoven samples are then sent to a traditional mill at Llandysul, in the Welsh valleys, where the fabric is woven.

All of Chalk Wovens products are made from Marino lamb’s wool, combining classic techniques in a fresh and innovative way, to offer warm, soft & comfortable throws, cushions, hot water bottle covers and lampshades. 

Crow & Apricot

Elvin Crafts

Based in the spectacular western valleys of Eskdale and Wasdale, Helen Elvin is a coppice worker, greenwood craftsperson and Forest Schools practitioner.

Using traditional coppicing techniques, Helen carefully restores neglected Lakeland woods, improving the habitat for wildlife and restoring the healthy growth of hazel and other small native trees.

While helping the local woodlands to flourish, Helen also uses the cut wood to make handles for her beautiful homegrown willow traditional and contemporary baskets.

Jacqui Bassett

Jacqui Bassett is an oil & cold wax artist based in the beautiful Lake District. 

Painted from memory, Jacqui creates a sense of mystery and mood in her pieces portraying both the visual and felt experiences of landscapes. Jacqui loves expanses of geological formations and weather that can quickly and effortless engulf you. 

Jonathan Leech

Jonathan has spent most of his life in the Cumbrian countryside combining his interests – cycling and walking – with searching for beautiful and unusual pieces of timber. 

All Jonathan's wood is locally-sourced and is obtained sustainably, from fallen or storm-damaged trees. It’s then air- and kiln-dried before being shaped by hand into a bowl, dish or platter. The final stages include fine sanding and finishing with lemon oil, to give a perfectly smooth finish.

Jonathan likes to work with the wood to create beautiful and simple designs allowing the wood to express its own qualities. This often includes natural edges, knot-holes, burrs, spalting, and other naturally-occurring imperfections. Each piece is truly unique.

Lauren Frost

Penrith based Lauren Frost is a ceramacist and tutor. The natural environment is a strong influence her practice. Taking inspiration from the Solway Firth and the Scottich Hebrides, Lauren's ceramic mugs and dishes are thrown on a potters wheel, slip decorated and glazed in a natural palette of colour.


Leaf by Deborah

Celebrating the infinite beauty of nature Deborah collects local Lake District leaves, and wraps them in luxurious fabrics before steaming them. The heat releases natural dyes from the leaves onto the fabric creating unique botanical eco prints in this sustainable one-of-kind process. Her wearable arts include printed t-shirt, shirts and scarves. The Bridge Gallery also holds eco printed wall hangings, covered sketchbooks and book marks by Leaf. 

Peter Tasker

As a National Trust gardener in the Lake District, it is no surprise that Peter Tasker’s main photographic subjects are plants, both cultivated and wild. Peter’s eye for detail and subtle editing techniques enhances the beauty of flora that are sometimes overlooked. ‘We often look at things without really seeing them and the act of composing and taking a photograph really makes me deeply consider the form, colour, symmetry and texture of my subjects’. 

Peter works in both colour and black and white and feels that sometimes by stripping away the colour from a flower or leaf the beauty of its form is enriched. Other botanics demand full colour, whether it is the deep purple of a bouquet of tulips or the fiery oranges and reds of autumn leaves.


Richard Foster

Victoria Mandale

Gareth - Windemere Fine Furniture

Emma Fallon - Kulu